So I was talking with a client earlier this week about my stomach issues over the years and what had just happened most recently and she recommended Kombucha.  Well she actually had me go to her fridge and take a bottle right then and there.  We both shared about our leaky guts. Hers sadly came from cancer, chemo, radiation, and steroids.  She expressed how drinking Kombucha everyday has saved her. Below is the brand she gave me, Health-Ade.

Then I messaged another friend of mine today because I know she has a blog about being on a Paleo diet, http://www.nograinsonlyzuul.com

I was shocked to find out she was just diagnosed with leaky gut as well. She hadn’t stayed true to the paleo lifestyle, I hate calling it a diet, so it caused issues within her gut.  We both have issues with stress management so I know that was an issue as well. Anyways she actually makes her own Kombucha, something I will eventually try.

I tried Kombucha for the first time maybe 10 years ago while living in New York. I swore that crap off.  It tasted horrible, I was given no warning, AND I shook the damn bottle (never shake Kombucha, I’ll explain later). Well now I’m in love. I’ve tried several brands already, in just a few days.

So some of you may be wondering, what the hell is Kombucha? You can google it for a super detailed definition. Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a “symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast” or SCOBY for short. It has live bacteria in it and a small trace of alcohol, very small. Also it’s naturally carbonated so you gently mix the bottle before opening or else it will explode, yes that is exactly what happened to me.

I loved the Health-Ade but the are $5 a bottle on average so I wanted to see what other brands were available and their costs. Heath-Ade was low in calories and very very low in sugars. Flavors range from strong to flavorful, if that helps at all considering I only tried a few.

Bucha- So this one wasn’t my favorite. It’s slightly higher in calories and much higher in sugar, in comparison to other brands.  To me it was indeed much sweeter, which may entice someone to come over to the Kombucha side.  It’s also organic. Costs around $4

Kevita- They have three different types of drinks that they make and I tried 2 out of the 3.

I tried the cleansing probiotic first,  this would have to be my favorite so far, second would be the health-ade. They both soothed my stomach right away.  But with this one it helped me have a movement, and by movement I mean bowel movement.  Which when you’ve struggle with IBS-C for over 10 years you want to dance. This was low in sugar low in calories and had a full ounce of apple Cider vinegar in it. I found these had a good bite and cost were around $2.99

So then I tried the sparkling probiotic, these flavors are much more subtle in comparison to its brother/sister.  They were on sale at my local smart and final for $2.50 so I grabbed all of the flavors.  I’ll be honest I thought the mojito would be my least favorite, but it was the tangerine, followed by the berry one. Sorry I wrote this on a whim it was never suppose to be a review so excuse my not so exactness.  I alway like anything with ginger and Cayanne, I love spicy.

The last one I had was Kombucha Chai.  I like Kombucha and I love chai so why the hell not. Nope.  Won’t ever drink that brand again.  It was on sale at sprouts for $1.99, I now know why. Just tasted bad. Think bubbly dirt but even less pleasant.

As I try more I will update for sure as I find that the probiotic uses in this awesome drink is so much easer to take than 3-4 pills.