Damn Summer Cold

So My son got a summer cold 2 weeks ago and passed it around our house.  For me I was just really tired and had NO motivation to cook or to workout.

To be honest my husband can cook for himself and our son but when it comes to me with my new stricter restrictions he just didn’t want me to get sicker.

Enter in Trader Joes- I love that they have cauliflower rice, which is cheaper and is better than my home-made (which I love and kinda hate, because I didn’t want it to be better).

Also enter in Wholefoods who sells beef bones in their freezer section for less than $5.  Was able to make bone broth, which was perfect for my cold, even if it was 90 degrees outside.

My husband was great and just roasted some veggies on the grill while he cooked hi own dinner and I ate cauliflower rice, roaste veggies and bone broth.  Bonus was my son liking the bone broth, i just put luke warm broth into a sippy cup.

Sorry no pictures. But when I make bone broth again I will take pictures and post my reciepe.

Friday was the first day we all felt 100%, which is nice.