Been too long

When I first started this, I had just been laid off work, moved back to California and thought I’d start a blog.  Within another month I got another job, thank god.  Within 3 more months we moved again, this time not as far, and we found out we were pregnant.  My son is now 21 months old.  About a year ago my body started acting up a little.  Looking back I thought I somehow had gotten glutened.

After going to a couple of doctors and several visits to each of them, they figured out what was wrong with me.  It really started with being bloated, and then my stomach getting hard on me. After losing the baby weight I had gained back 15 pounds. They checked my thyroid and it came back okay. They ended up telling me I could not process processed foods and that I had a leaky gut.

So not only can I not have anything with gluten in it, but I can’t have ANY grain what so ever. That means no quinoa, no rice, and no corn. I also can’t have dairy, sugar and alcohol (at least end until the gut is healed then it’s in moderation).

So what is leaky gut?  Well leaky gut to some people means there is another issue and they can’t quite figure it out. But more recently more doctors have connected leaky gut to several other diseases, like celiac or other food allergies. Someone else described it as food getting past the intestinal lining that normally wouldn’t pass through. So gluten can pass through or bad bacteria which can leak from the intestinal wall and get into your blood stream.

For me I think the triggers were stress and a not so great diet.  I’d been so busy and so stressed I was eating protein bars, I thought they were okay, and they were hurting me. I started on a new probiotic right away and I started drinking kombucha.  I’m in the process of taking everything out of my diet, I gave myself 3 weeks to do so, and found that the hardest is my sweet tooth, sugar.

I’ve read a dozen different blogs and articles online, I’ve read 3 books so far, and this is going to be easier than I thought.  So I’m 2 weeks into this new life style, because we can’t say diet because diets are fads.  I’ve learned that eating a paleo diet is what I now have to do.  I have an amazingly supportive husband and a toddler that doesn’t know any better yet so I know we will be good. I still need to finish kicking ALL GRAINS, I’ve still have rice and quinoa and yes I noticed I didn’t feel great afterwards. Next I need to kick sugar.  I went and bought honey for our house I figured if I got an urge for something I could have a spoon full,of honey, so far it’s helped.  And this happens, my sugar urges, because I’m a poor planner for meals.

So in my new journey into the paleo lifestyle we will work together, meal plan and prep, and find great new recipes. so on my to do list is to eat prep this weekend, so stay tuned to an update real soon.