New state, new attitude, back to being HEALTHY….slowly

So its been the craziest 8 months or so.  We decided this time last year that we were going to relocated to Oklahoma from San Diego, CA.  Why you may ask?  Well I thought we were a middle class family, but in San Diego we were on the poverty line, yeah scary.  We lived in a one bedroom condo with a toddler.  We were trying to save for a home but could never do it.  Then prices for homes sky rocketed and we gave up.  Prices went from 500k to 700K for the area we wanted, which was Poway because of their great school district.  And for this price of home you were still getting a fixer upper, yeah we just couldn’t do it.

So my husband put out some applications and got two bites fairly quickly and was flying out for interviews.    They kept pushing back his start date, then changed his initial position, to be honest this all should have been signs but we were desperate to get out.  I had secured a job with a prestigious hair company, I worked on this for 6 months, and was excited for the move.  We moved in February to Edmond, OK.  Edmond is just north of Oklahoma City.  It was a rough transition to say the least.

ALLERGIES-  omg I can not even start to explain how horrific my allergies were, as well as my sons.  I had allergies meds but they were not working.  I ended up getting sick twice in the first month and then twice more in the following month.  The job I had was taken away, because they sold the company and the position was dissolved.  I came home after a week in Missouri crying, sick, and feeling so defeated.   We didn’t have ideal living situation so we had equivalent to a  mini fridge and a microwave so I was eating Panera and Chick-fil-a most days.  Skipping breakfast and lunch most days just so I could afford that dinner meal. I took my son to McDonald’s so that he could play at their indoor playground, which a lot of parents did.  Not purchasing food, which most parents did as well.

Flash forward to me getting a job, busting my ass and us getting a house.  Now we have a 2000 sq foot house that is slowly but surely filling up, thanks to hand me downs.  We moved from a 710 sq ft condo so it’s a huge difference.  We have a yard, with the HOA on our ass about it, as we have to borrow everything just for the yard as we don’t have the extra money nor the credit to get a mower or any other tools needed to maintain.  For the first time ever we have a washer and dryer of our own,  or at least for my first time.  No restricted hours of operations, no more having to wait until daddy gets home so I can do laundry.   It’s the nicest perk.  And our son finally has his own room and his grandparents  bought him a twin bed, that he loves, YAY!

Now we are still struggling right now.  My husband is making about  $1000 less a month at his job, but his promotion to the original position he was offered is 3-4 months out, which is hard on both of us.  I struggled to figure out how to eat paleo here, just not as easy as in California.  We have a Sprouts,  Aldi’s, 1 Wholefoods, and 1 Trader Joe’s.  I fond out of season all fruits and veggies are crazy expensive.  I also found that most food doesn’t last nearly as long as it did in California, I know we got it fresher there.  But I don’t have the time to shop twice a week, I mean weekly is a struggle when I work 60+ hours a week and I’m a mom, Doing Laundry, dishes, cleaning.  I’ve been getting processed foods, which I’ve been feeling in my gut.  I really want to get back to our best again. I’m starting this slowly bust surely.  I’ve started with a few paleo meals a week.  I’m hoping to add-on to that but financially right now it isn’t possible.  I’ve been taking Plexus probiotic for my gut health and I’m going to learn how to make Kombucha, once I get a good recipe I will share is of course.  I have a few great friends that are like-minded. We’ve even gotten amazing fresh and free organic produce from neighbors.  Really makes me excited to grow our own next year.

Things are looking better and better each month.  I know in 3-4 months it will all be so much better, but I will have to wait until then.

I’m hoping to write and share recipes again sooner than later.    So please keep a look out.